WHO am I

Kandid was first created in 2012 and has been rebranded in 2018, and 2021. It has always been 100% female-owned, is currently owned by 20 year old, Max Meyer. Kandid solely operates online and with occasional pop-up locations, mainly in Cincinnati, OH. 

"One of the main reasons why I have decided to rebrand Kandid is because I saw it as my mission to help those who wear Kandid feel their most confident self. My goal is to not only have the clothes radiate confidence, but also give confidence to those who wear it. That is why I created the hashtag, #LOVEKANDID."



We at Kandid have a heart for social responsibility, specifically enabling others to use our business as a catalyst to give back to causes they are passionate about. Through individuals or organizations, we offer exclusive sales (either pop-up or online) in which we donate 10% of all sales to a charity of choice.  If you are interested in participating, contact kandidboutique@gmail.com.



Because 90% of our buying is done through our vendors online (some at market) there is a certain degree of uncertainty when it comes to quality.  We know our vendors and manufacturers well, but if we receive inventory that is not up to standard, we will absorb the cost and never sell the item.  We will never offer pre-sales or put something live on the site before inspecting it in person.  The biggest importance of shopping with us is the trust that comes with purchasing from Kandid, which is something we do not take lightly.


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